The people invited to the wedding were happy to accept the invitation but then found that it interfered with other arrangements so they just let it go. We,too, have accepted an invitation from Jesus. We must take care that other interests and attractions do not make us put it aside.
Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus talked about the life-giving power of his death and encouraged his followers to share with him, promising that all who serve him will be honoured by the Father. Gerard was a faithful servant who shared the suffering of Jesus and now enjoys the promised reward.
St. Gerard John 12:23-32

The Pharisees came in for criticism because they were all show, looking for the praise and admiration of others. Am I more concerned about what other people think of me or what God thinks of me?
Luke 11:37-41

Jesus criticised those who pass themselves off as better than others while at the same time taking unfair advantage of people less fortunate than themselves. Am I lacking in ovompassion for people who need my help and support?
Luke 11:42-46

When we are challenged or corrected, we can either take the message to heart or we can be resentful and angry.. To accept correction and guidance, although it may hurt, can help us to grow in goodness.
Luke 11:47-54

Jesus gives a message of encouragement and hope to those who have to struggle in life. God knows us through and through and sets a high value on each one of us, so he is not going to be unmindful of us in difficult times.
Luke 12:1-7

Our loyalty to Jesus needs to be such that we are prepared to suffer rather than betray him. We will never be abandoned by him - the Holy Spirit will always be with us to support and strengthen us at all times.
Luke 12:8-12