The story of the men entrusted with their master's money teaches us that each one of us has been given our own special gifts. God expects us to use these gifts as well as we can to serve him and to help others who may not be as talented or successful as ourselves.
Matthew 25;14-30

If he had not persisted despite the efforts of people to keep him quiet, the blind man would not have been cured. Am I persistent in my efforts to live a good life despite the many pressures that make it difficult?
Luke 18:35-43

Zaccheus is a great example of true repentance. Having come face to face with Jesus, he realised that he needed to change his ways and atone for his past failings - and Jesus went to his house as a guest and friend.
Luke 19:1-10

God has given each one of us special gifts and talents. How well do we use the opportunities given to us, or do we rather back away, either from fear or lack of interest, when we could turn our gifts to good account?
Luke 19:11-28

Jesus wept at the thought of Jerusalem's destruction, a tragedy that could have been averted.. Lost opportunities have sad consequences for all of us and, once gone, may never be recovered.
Luke 19:41-44

The way in which respect for the Temple had been lost reflected the sad state of religious fervour among the people. Do I regard the practice of my religion as sacred and important or has it become just a matter of routine?
Luke 19:45-48

some of Jesus' opponents tried to discredit his teaching about eternal life. His response to them,and to us, is to recognise the power and goodness of God, greater than anything we can imagine, and that he calls us to share eternal life with him.
Luke 20:27-40